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In general, wearing jewellery as an accessory or for styling purposes may be challenging. You need a keen understanding of current fashion trends and a creative imagination to pair the ideal jewellery with outfits that complement the event and your body type. Choosing the right jewellery, such as earrings or a nose pin, styling it to go with your outfit, and keeping the occasion in mind can be difficult. However, with time and a little inspiration.

Every item of Ram Kumar Sarraf jewellery sold is meticulously handcrafted by the top designer jewellery at Bareilly, utilizing decades of design expertise, time-honored methods, cutting-edge technology, and international trends. Here are some tips to style Ram Kumar Saraf’s designer jewellery.

Go with layering

Layering is the secret to producing a dynamic aesthetic appearance. Combining numerous pieces of jewellery of the same style is known as layering. For instance, to polish your appearance, consider pairing a medium-sized and short gold necklace. This gives the necklaces the appearance of being one piece of jewellery. If you want to seem gorgeous, layer necklaces of various lengths. Variations in size, colour, and texture go well together in most cases. Look at the styling instructions to prevent this. Excellent and wide bracelets and bangles can enhance your appearance. Check out Ram Kumar Sarraf’s most recent collection of earrings as well as our amazing collection of bangles if you're seeking jewellery styling advice at Bareilly.

Consider smart earring pieces

The most important jewellery styling advice is to pick your earrings wisely. It also draws attention to your face and hair. Choose earrings that complement your skin tone, hair color, and face complexion. Use little or medium-sized dangles or stud earrings if your hair is short; long metal earrings if your hair is thick and lengthy. Depending on your clothing, you can wear danglers, drop earrings, or studs. When searching for new earrings to add to your collection, think about how the various colours could enhance your skin tone and make your apparel stand out. If you tend to wear red for the majority of the ensemble, you could want to consider wearing glittering red earrings.  

Necklaces are not essential to be worn at all times

The necklaces are not required to be worn at all times. Sometimes it's a good idea to go without a necklace. Avoiding a necklace that can clash with a statement pair of earrings can be a smart move depending on your attire. Additionally, wearing a necklace usually looks great with clothing that has a high or very low neckline. For a conventional and majestic appearance, visit ram kumar sarraf at Bareilly to see the most recent collection of diamond and gold jewellery.

Determine Your Jewellery

Wear a gorgeous ram kumar sarraf bracelet or stacks of bangles with a straightforward pendant and plain earrings if you want to draw attention to your wrists. If you're wearing a spectacular necklace, consider wearing more understated bracelets or earrings.


Always put together an appearance that flatters you—one that is classy, comfortable, and makes you feel secure. Finding the right jewellery for an occasion involves creative thought and an understanding of what will look well on you. Ram Kumar Sarraf at Bareilly offers a variety of gold and diamond jewellery items that you may pair with your clothing to make a fashion statement and enhance your sense of style. To be fashionable, look through the newest selection of diamond and gold jewellery at Bareilly. 


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